Why Lower Google PageRank is Better than Fake Higher One

by Yash Batra

PageRank™, a patent technology that was invented and launched by Google to check out the importance of a website/web page. Today it is one of the most important parameters (Google calls them signals) out of 200 other parameters which plays a crucial role in the Google’s algo for determining the relevance and hence the rankings. pagerank is generally indicated by a Green bar – the length of green part varies as per the pagerank score of the website. PageRank score varies between 1 to 10 where 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. For example, if you check the page rank for Google.com itself, then it is 10. If you check for some new website, then you will find it to have no PageRank (indicated by 0 value and no green bar) as yet.

Factors Contributing to PageRank

Page Rank itself is calculated based on various factors, out of which, one major factor is the number of backlinks the website has from other sites. Because those backlinks are a measure of votes from other sites for the website in question (for which the Page Rank is being measured). More the votes the better it is. However, Google further clarifies it and their algo is based on that votes from relevant and more important sites are a better than from a non-relevant and not so important. For example, if you have a technology site, then a backlink from the other technology site will hold more importance than from a non-technology one. Similarly, backlink from a high PageRank site will be far better than from the one with no Page Rank as yet or a low PageRank site. That means, if the site with the PageRank 7 or 8 is linking back to you, then that backlink will hold more weightage in the calculation of PageRank for your site rather than the backlink from a PageRank 1 site. Ofcourse, there may be many other parameters being used to calculate the PageRank which Google has never disclosed (for the obvious reasons). However, factors like quality of content, freshness of content can also play a major role in this.

Why Google Uses PageRank

Google uses PageRank as a measure while calculating the relevance of the sites and ranking them. So, you will generally find websites with higher PageRanks are generally ranked better than others with low PageRank.

How to Find PageRank

You can check the PageRank of a website or a web page either directly through Google toolbar or from many other third party websites.

What is Fake or Forged PageRank Scam

Each website owner wish to have a higher PageRank so as the site can ranked better in search engines and hence, can draw more number of visitors. There are many others for whom PageRank is nothing less than a status symbol for their website and they very proudly displays the PageRank widget showing website’s current score. They also hope, probably it may help them to get more traffic and have more sales conversions which unfortunately is not true. However, not many people understands this and generally goes a bit too far in getting and displaying the high PageRank for their sites. Many companies know this and have used this to their advantage and they are very openly providing the service of offering a fake PageRank by charging a hefty amount. Most of the people who are either not that much technically proficient or have some what ignorance of the concept, generally falls into this trap. There are many other who are technical experts and they try to do the same themselves putting their technical knowledge to a worst use.

Disadvantages of Fake PageRank

There are no advantage in getting the fake PageRank and mis-using the clocking technique. However, there are many disadvantages like a complete ban of website from Google. It will also not help in getting a better search engine rankings as this is one biggest misconception due to which people fall in such traps of getting a fake PageRank. In fact, it will totally prevent your site from appearing in Google search because Google assumes the content of the redirected website as your site’s content and will display that instead of yours. Only change for you shall be that Green bar (indicating the PageRank on your webpage) will be longer which in itself doesn’t hold much importance.

High PageRank Backlinks Scam

Many companies themselves make the Fake PageRank to their undue advantage. They get a fake PageRank for themselves with the above methods, then claiming themselves to be a high PageRank site, they start selling backlinks for others at a premium prices. Many people starving to get a high PageRank as well as traffic for themselves falls into this trap and pays them to get a meagre backlink which anyways doesn’t add any value due to that backlink being from totally irrelevant niche.

How to Check if PageRank is Valid or Fake

There are many ways to find out the PageRank of a website. You can find it either directly from the Google’s toolbar or from many third part sites which you can easily find through google search. However, if you have a doubt about the displayed PageRank being valid or fake then you can check that with a simple google command. Just type “info:doamin.com” (without quotation marks) in Google search. Ensure to replace the domain.com with the real domain you are checking for. If there are no results or if the search result displays a different URL which doesn’t match with the original one, then it is fake PageRank. On the other hand, if search result returns only one URL and that matches with the original being searched then it is a valid PageRank. There are few sites also like checkpagerank.net which checks and mentions if the page rank is valid or fake.

So, next time, please take extra care to fall into any such fake PageRank provider’s trap and don’t even try practicing that yourself as well. You might get your site completely banned from Google,if you try to do so.

Please do share your opinion and do tell us if you know of any other technique to find out if the PageRank is fake or not.

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