Twitter Search Operators to Get Instant and Relevant Results

by Yash Batra

Twitter has gained immense popularity during last couple of years. It has become one of the important tools for promotion of any offline or online business. Bloggers also rely on twitter for a good percentage of their blog traffic. However, most people don’t know to use twitter effectively to get the full benefits. One of such under utilized feature is twitter search. I am sure each one of millions of twitter users must have used twitter search to find people and follow. Out of all these users, there are very few who actually use twitter search effectively or to its full potential. In other words, not many may even be aware of all the features or twitter search operators. One can use twitter search in lots of different ways and can get the results fast and much more relevant and targeted. Let me explain about some of such twitter search operators which everyone can use to get benefits much more than one get from a simple search.

Twitter Search Operator (Examples) Description / Search Results

Obama Osama
This is twitter default search operator. It will throw search results containing both “Obama” and “Osama”. This is the simple search and is the only one used by majority of twitter users.

Obama OR Osama
This is the “OR” operator and it means it will search for either Obama or Osama but not both together.

Obama -Osama
Minus operator forces the search result to exclude the string or phrase after hyphen (-). This will search for Obama but not Osama.

This will search specifically for hashtag “Obamafollowsporn”. FYI, hashtags are used to make the word as the search keyword in twitter.

Obama filter:links
It will search for Obama and will bring out the only results which are linking to URLs.

It will search for tweets sent to person or user mentioned after “to:” operator.

Obama –babestation :)
Will limit the results to the date specified after “until:”. Search results will contain Osama but will be limited to the date 5th May 2011.

Obama source:twitterfeed
Search results will contain Obama but only the ones entered via twitterfeed source.

near:Delhi within:25mi
Tweets sent within 25 miles of Delhi.

Am sure, above listed search operators will really make you search faster in twitter and you will get the relevant and targeted desired results. Do try them out and see the enormous benefit you can get out of these.

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