Top 5 Benefits of Accepting a Guest Post on your Blog

by Yash Batra

If you are a full time or part time blogger and have been taking blogging quite seriously, chances are high that you must have written guest posts already on some blogs or you may be inviting others to write guest post on your blog. For others, who either don’t know about guest blogging or confused about if they should accept guest blogs on their blogs or not, you may find this post quite useful. First of all, guest post is nothing but writing a post or an article on some one else’ blog. Now, this raises an obvious question why a blog owner should allow others to write on his blog or what are the benefits, if any, in accepting guest post on his/her blog. So, let me explain about all the implicit benefits of accepting guest post on your blog.

Guest Post Gives Free Content to Your Blog

This is the first and most obvious benefit on why a blog owners accept others to submit posts to their blog. It gives you a lot of content and that too Free. We all know content is the most integral part of any blog and we need to constantly create and update content on our blogs to keep it going and survive. Insufficient content has been one of the important reasons why many blogs fail after being in existence for some time. Accepting guest post fulfill the content purpose. In fact, this becomes even more critical when due to whatsoever reasons, you are don’t find time to write regularly on your blog. Guest post fills up that gap and keep your blog alive with more content always.

Guest Post Adds to the Variety of Content

Each one of us has a different writing style in terms of vocabulary, grammar or even otherwise. This helps you to give the much required variety or variations to your readers and draw and hold their attention. If you are the only one who is writing, then there may be a certain segment of people who either don’t like the way you write or may not find it easy to relate with, can easily leave your blog and look for information elsewhere. This is where guest post will pitch in and will help in bringing and holding that extra set of new people to your blog.

Guest Post Brings the Reputation to your Blog

By reputation, I don’t intent to mean that if you are not accepting guest post, then your blog is not a reputed one or not liked by others. What I mean here, is when your visitors find lots of many other people writing for you, they obviously get even more curious and interested because there has to be some good reason for so many different people to  submit posts to your blog. That brings the extra positive reputation and good-will to your blog.

Guest Post helps in SEO, Promotion and Traffic

Sometimes even blogs with the lots of content fail to survive for long due to lack of  SEO and sufficient promotion. When you create a product, it has to be sold as well otherwise the very purpose of creating the product gets defeated. Guest post helps to a larger extent in SEO and promotion for your blog. Bloggers or people who are submitting content on your blog, obviously do it for some reasons. Whatever could be the ultimate reason, one common factor among all of them would be to tell others about the article or post they have written or what is known as self promotion. So, they will inform their friends, relatives, colleagues and to their social networking circle, email and other groups etc. This in turn will automatically lead to creation of references (back links for your blog) and will help drawing more and more visitors to your own blog.

Guest Post adds to More Revenue Generation

If you are a serious blogger, chances are high that you would be doing this with the purpose of making money ultimately. Your obvious sources of money and revenue would be advertisements, affiliate links or even may be selling your own products or services. Whatever be the case, you need regular traffic and visitors to your blog to make money and in fact, you would need a lots of them. So, obviously due to more and more traffic getting drawn to your site and blog due to above mentioned points, this will automatically lead to more revenue for you.

Hope, you will find above points quite useful in deciding about accepting guest posts on your blog or not. However, as with everything, there are some negative points or down side to this activity of accepting guest blogging as well. Even more critical factor is when is the right time to start accepting the guest posts on your blog, if at all you decide to do that. Since, this post has become quite a long already, I will share that in one of my upcoming post. I may decide to cover that part as a Guest post on some other blog as well. 

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