Recover Deleted Files with Free Software- Pandora Recovery

by Yash Batra

Just few days back, I was working quite late into night and my internet connection broke down. Though feeling sleepy, I thought of utilizing the time for some house keeping work which has been remaining pending for many days due to lack of time. With broken internet connection, this was the best time to complete that pending house keeping for my computer. I started deleting some unwanted files and images. May be, it was not the right time as I expected. I realized this quite late when I found that I had deleted files which I didn’t want to. Obviously I had no choice but to feel frustrated and helpless. Next whole day I spent searching for suitable way to recover deleted files and looked for many available utilities for this purpose on net. However, I end up feeling more frustrated because most of them were not free and were priced quite high for this purpose. Moreover, the worst part was that I could download their trial versions and but could use it only to scan and search files which are recoverable but could not actually recover deleted files without buying the software package. This wasted a lot of time and effort on my part. It is then that I ended up on Pandora Recovery’s site and I found it really good at the first sight. When I tried to use, I was even more delighted when I was able to actually recover my deleted files, documents and photos without paying a bit.

Pandora Recovery is a nice file recovery utility which can be used to recover deleted files, documents, photos, videos and various other types of files from your computer’s hard drive, memory card, digital cameras, mobiles and other external drives. Files can be recovered to your hard drive, network drive or flash drive.

Software is compatible with WIndows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000 and Windows 2003. It can very well recognize FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and NTFS/EFS.
You can download and install this great free software utility –Pandora Recovery from here.

You can recover deleted files in three different ways – Browse, Search, Surface Scan (deep)

Browse – With this, you can browse the drives for individual deleted files and folders and can select which ones to recover

Search – With this, you can search for files with full or partial names, file size, creation date or access date

Surface Scan (deep) – With this option, it will scan the whole drive for the supported file types and will return the highest number of results. However, it is more time consuming as it scans the complete drive.

You must keep in mind and ensure that recovering deleted files with any utility will work best only if no new files have been added to the drive (from which files need to be recovered) after files were deleted. It is because, the new files will possibly by taking up the same space on the drive which was used by the earlier deleted files and hence overwriting the same which makes the recovery difficult or impossible.

This software utility also comes in premium portable software solution that requires no installation. It is named Pandora Mobile Recovery and it is distributed on 1 GB USB drive and you can run the software directly from the USB drive and can recover files onto same USB drive only.

Hope, you will find this software very useful to recover deleted files and am sure it will save you lots of effort, time and money. Not to mention, it can save you lots of mental stress and frustration which you would otherwise be feeling when unable to recover the deleted files. Do share your opinion for the same and do tell us about any other such free utility you may know of.

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