Protect, Optimize and Speed Up your Windows PC with Piriform CCleaner

by Yash Batra

Before getting to know about CCleaner, let us first see the most common problems all of us do face with regard to windows PC. We often find performance of windows PC going down due to the routine usage. It happens because of all the temporary files and data getting accumulated, temporary internet files generated, problem within registry settings due to installation and un-installation of software etc. Next to performance is the concern for online privacy which often gets invaded due to the generation of history of websites etc. All of these do degrade the performance of PC, invades online privacy and system become quite unstable and un-optimized if we don’t take a corrective action quite on regular basis.

Free Download Piriform CCleaner

CCleaner is a FREE software utility or tool which can be used for system optimization, speed up PC and maintaining privacy. This great FREE tool is a produce of a UK based company called as Piriform. This software has already been used by around 500+ million users world wide and currently also it is being loaded almost 10 times per second all over the world. The software is simple and pretty easy to install and use. It has been seen that with the routine usage of this tool, it keeps system free from any performance problems and helps increasing the speed of PC quite drastically.

You can download the Piriform CCleaner either from here or here.

Ccleaner can be used with most of the versions of Windows OS – both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7. It can also be used with Windows 2000, Windows 2003, 2008. However, it can not be used currently with Mac or Linux. Ccleaner software utility is totally free from spyware, adware or viruses.

Steps to Run Piriform CCleaner – Optimize and Speed Up Windows PC

After downloading and installing, you can run this software at the regular intervals to keep your system optimized always. To use the ccleaner, follow the below steps;

  • Click the cleaner option on the left.
  • Click analyze on the right side bottom. It will analyze the system and will inform how much it will be able to clean along with the breakup. It may take few seconds to few minutes to complete the analysis depending upon the amount of data. You have the flexibility to check, uncheck the items under Windows and Applications tab on left based on what you intend to include or exclude from the cleaning process.
  • Once analysis is complete, click Run Cleaner option on the right hand side bottom to start cleaning and optimizing the system.
  • After cleaning is complete, you can now proceed to fix any possible errors in registry settings. Click Registry on the left side. Check and uncheck options under Registry cleaner on the left based on what do you want it to scan and fix. Click Scan for Issues on the right side bottom.
  • It will scan the complete registry and will list down all the problem in the registry settings.
  • You can select few or all by checking the check box against the listed problem.
  • Click Fix selected Issues. It will start fixing all the selected registry issues. Before starting the fix, it will first create a backup of the current registry settings and will prompt you to save that backup file wherever you want. This is just to ensure if something goes wrong, then you can revert to earlier stage.
  • Next, you can go to Tools option on the left. This will allow you to uninstall application which you don’t require or no longer use, remove unwanted items and programs from system Startup so as to make PC starts faster and remains faster throughout the use.
  • Within Tools option, you can click uninstall on the left side to see and select the applications and programs you want to uninstall. You can uninstall from the same screen without leaving this software screen.
  • Similarly, from Tools –> Startup, you can exclude the programs and applications from the system start up.
  • From Tools –> System Restore, you can restore your system to earlier settings (if system restore is enabled for the system). This is in case, something goes wrong with the system then you can make it alright by restoring it to earlier working version.

Do share your feedback and experience in using this Free software utility.

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