Plagiarism Checker and Prevent Content Theft in WordPress

by Yash Batra

In this post, I am going to discuss about Plagiarism Checker tools to check the duplicate content and how to prevent the content theft using  the great wordpress plagiarism checker plugin.

We all know the importance of a unique content to offer the valuable first hand information to the visitors as well as getting appreciated by search engines. However, in this era of internet, duplicate content and duplicity is one such common issue bothering all the serious and genuine bloggers like us and all of us do witness plagiarism at some point of time in our blogging career. Plagiarism or stolen content impacts the original and genuine bloggers in following ways;

(1) Some one else takes away the credit of your hard work.
(2) Reduction in visitor traffic as well as revenue

Above three are the major losses to any serious and genuine blogger and can be very de-motivating also. Now, many online plagiarism checker tools offer free and paid services of checking the duplicate content all over the web. Some of such sites or plagiarism checker tools are Copyscape, Copygator and wherein you can search of duplicate copy of your blog content all over the web. These plagiarism checker tools search based on either the complete URL or searching a particular text phrases.

Apart from taking help of the above mentioned Plagiarism Checker tools, Google has also taken steps in this direction in getting rid of duplicate content, removing from web search and/or completely deleting the defaulter site/blog. You can report such issues at Google DMCA. You can find more details about the same at Shoutmeloud blog wherein the blog owner has provided enough details on how to report such incidents to Google.

However, we have all heard of the famous phrase – Prevention is better than cure. Same holds true in this case also because plagiarism has also become some sort of deadly disease in cyber world which needs an immediate attention and removal. If you are using WordPress as your blogging platform, then you are the happier lot because there is a ready made plugin available which can prevent the content and the images from getting stolen. One such plugin is named WP-Protect which protects your content from being stolen altogether whereas above sites do help only after the content has already been stolen. This plugin is based on JavaScript coding and helps in protecting the content by disabling the right-click and text selection which are two main methods used to steal the content. All the features can be very well configured through WordPress admin panel. However, there are following limitations of this plugin;

(1) Since it is JavaScript based, it may not work for some people who have disabled the JavaScript
(2) Content can still be copied through View Source screen.

However, if you see the mentality of most of the copy-cat bloggers, then you will find that most of them belong to lot who are either don’t know about these technical aspects or very lazy to do anything other than simple selecting the text and copying or going via right-click method. Obviously, otherwise, they could very well be spending time on writing the content themselves and not going copy-cat route.

Another advantage of using this plugin over any plagiarism checker tools or any other wordpress plagiarism checker plugin is that this plugin prevents the content from being copied upfront. Hence, it helps save you a lot of effort, time and mental agony which happens after your content has been stolen. No doubt, plagiarism checker tool is the best option, if after all precautions, your content has still been stolen.

How to install this wordpress plagiarism checker plugin

(1) Download the WP-Protect Plugin and upload and install or
(2) From the WordPress dashboard, go to Add New Plugin and search for WP-Protect,install and activate it

(3) Go to Settings -> WP-Protect (to change and update settings)

Now, you are very well protected from the theft of your content by the copy-cats.

Please do share your feedback and let us know if you are employing any other technique or method to prevent content theft. Do inform us, if you are using any other plagiarism checker tools or wordpress plagiarism checker plugin apart from mentioned above to check the content theft or duplicate content.

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