How to install and setup your PC easily and faster with Ninite

by Yash Batra

You have just finished with formatting of your desktop or laptop or you may even have bought a new PC for yourself and have just finished with connecting all the cables and wires. You thought probably you have almost done with everything, then you suddenly realize that you still can not get started working on your new PC because you still don’t have all the essential software to work on which you use on regular basis – Browser, Messengers, Media players, Office, Utilities etc. You feel a bit frustrated thinking about the time and effort this tedious activity of installing and updating of software is going to take because you will need to (1) get all the software (2) Run installer of each one by one (3) Follow and complete the installation process and clicking next, next until you finish all.
Now, Ninite comes to your rescue and provides an easiest and fastest way to install and even update software. You can try out its free version from Ninite and if you like you can even go for a Pro version which has some extra features. For sure, its going to save you a hell lot of effort and will enhance your productivity. The main features of this software utility are;

  • It always have the latest version of the software. Hence, you don’t need to go and search manually for the latest version of each one.
  • It automatically picks up either 32 or 64 bit and install the software in your local PC language.
  • It automatically run through the installer without any manual intervention and even says “No” by default to all the questions pertaining to installing toolbar and other junk add-ons.
  • It provides all the software which are free, so there are no legal issues or compliance to deal with.
  • It has the mechanism to update the old software to their newer versions.
  • It skips the application which has the latest version installed already. Hence, no time and effort and resource wastage on your and your PC’s part.

Ninite requires an Internet connection to work. However, Pro version has the mechanism to get the offline version as well. There are only three simple steps involved in the process to get everything out of this great utility

(1) Check/Select all the software and utilities which you require to install

(2) After selecting everything, just click Get Installer. It will create the installer based on your selection and will take you to the following next screen to download the created installer.

(3) Download the installer file and run and install on whichever PC you need.

Please note, internet connection must be available on the machine you are running the installer. It will automatically do the rest of job for you and you can get your PC ready withing minutes and start working on it without losing any of your or your team’s productive hours.

To understand, how it works in back end. When you select the software and create the installer, it creates an entry in the database recording your selection of software and giving a unique installer ID to it. The installer so created also has the same installer ID so that when you run the installer on any PC, it check the installer ID in the installer and compares it with the one in the database (it connects thru internet) and then query what all software you had checked for and hence, proceed with the installation of all the checked software recorded in the database entry. It downloads and takes the each individual software from their vendor’s site and install it on to your local PC.

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