Free Software to Defrag Registry and Increase System Response Time and Speed

by Yash Batra

Windows Registry or often called as Registry is an internal centralized database of configuration settings of the operating system (windows) as well as the software and hardware installed on a computer. It contains all the parameters that govern the use of the operating system and software/hardware based on the values and settings defined for these parameters. Whenever you install or uninstall a hardware or a software on your computer, registry settings gets updated automatically. There is a provision to edit these settings manually also,  but only if you are technically proficient. Manual update of setting is not recommended for everyone as it may crash your system totally or may even result on loss of data, if done incorrectly. With the repeated installation and un-installation of hardware and software from your computer over a period of time, the registry becomes fragmented which increases the response time of your PC or slows downs the performance. This may also be because of possible corruption happening in the registry database.

Now, here is a software solution to overcome the above problem. Software named Simnet Registry Defrag can help you defragment your registry which in turn compact and  optimizes your registry database, prevent corruption and ultimately improve the system performance to a large extent. Best part, this Registry Defrag software is FREE.

Features of Registry Defrag

The main features of this Registry Defrag software are;

  • This utility software has got very smart and user friendly interface.
  • Simple Installation with a very low memory and CPU resources consumption.
  • Creates automatic restore points for safety, in case something goes wrong.
  • Provides automatic updates to the software.

This helps improving the system’s performance because;

  1. It removes gaps and fragmentation within Registry database.
  2. Removes and fixes any possible structural problems.
  3. Reduces the size of the registry.

The software has got good ratings and various awards –  DownloadAtoZ 5 star award, Softpedia 100% clean award, Soft82 100% clean award, Euro Download 5 star award and many more.

The software is very simple and easy to use and it does its work within minutes. You can download Simnet Registry Defrag here. After downloading the installer, run the install to install it on your local computer.

How to Run Registry Defrag

Run the Registry Defrag software and go to setting to update the required settings.

Click Analyze and software will start analyzing the system to check the current state. After couple of minutes, it will inform that (1) How much of Registry database is fragmented (2) How much estimated space saving will be after running this software.

Click Defrag Now to start the cleaning and Registry Defragmentation process. Allow the software to restart the system after completion of process. It may take couple of minutes for the process to complete. In some cases, it may also take quite a lot of time, however, please be patient. After completion of process, it will restart the system and you may check the current status by again running the software and clicking Analyze.

Please ensure you have the backup of your system and Registry before running this software or in general, any such utility and software.

Hope, you would like the above software and will make use of this to defragment your Registry and see improvement in system’s performance. Please do share your opinion on the same .

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