Commenting on Other Blogs is More than Just Getting a Backlink

by Yash Batra

Sometimes having an opinion on something pays you quite well. Same holds true in case of blog comments or better known as commenting on other blogs. Most of the bloggers do take up commenting as a regular daily task which helps them getting the traffic from other blogs, creates free back links for their own sites which helps them rank better with the search engines. However, not everyone gets the same results from the commenting task. Only few are able to make most of it while others end up just wasting time and effort. However, if this small task is done with a bit of sincerity and planning, can work wonders. Generally, many bloggers and site owners don’t pay that much required attention and don’t do commenting consistently and efficiently. I am going to explain about few simple things to avoid and things to use to make most out of your commenting task and things;

Commenting for only Backlinks

This is a big mistake many bloggers specially new entrants make. They just concentrate on embedding back links while commenting thinking that will automatically bring them wonderful results. However, this is neither helpful or adds value to any one else nor to his or her own site or blog. Commenting has to be done seriously, at least with the same seriousness as you would write a post for your own blog. This would require you to fully go through and understand the post on which you are going to comment. Only them move to the ‘Post Comment” section to put forward your opinion about what has been said in that post. On the contrary if you write comments for the sake of back links only then either of the following can happen;

  • You may violate that blog or site’s blog commenting guidelines and your comment may get rejected by the moderator.
  • Even if your comment is approved, not many people would find it interesting as it doesn’t have any opinion or doesn’t add any value to what has been said in the post. So, even when your back link is there in your comment, people will not see the need to follow this to your site and they may even assume your blog or site to be equally useless and not worthy as your comment. Remember, First Impressions is the Last Impression.

Research and Read before Commenting

Do spend a good amount of time in reading the post on other blogs before you start commenting on this. Find all the good things and bad things in the post. After that spend few more minutes thinking about what you already knew about that subject or topic. Then only, head towards comments section and start posting your comment by first thanking and appreciating the writer for his post. Afterwards only, have your own opinion. Opinion not always has to be in terms of you agreeing or not agreeing to what has been said. Rather, you should add something in your comment which you find missing or ambiguous in the post. That will add quite a value to the already written post. When others who are reading the post, will read through your comment and will find an extra information to what has already been said in the post, obviously they will not only appreciate and thank you but will follow to your site and blog to find out what more you have.

Commenting in the above way will also help you in other ways like gaining more information about the subject which you anyways require to keep your blog going and alive. This may also give you more ideas on your own post topics. So in the long run its not just traffic and back links that you end up gain from the commenting task but it helps you to create content for your own site. Based on number of comments and nature of comments on other blogs, you can determine what more other people are looking for or what topic or subject is more sought after (based on number of comments). Writing more on the such topics on your own blog will definitely bring people to your site.

Use Tools to Track and Manage

You can also use some of the feed readers like FeedDemon and subscribe to most of blogs in your own niche and track them through feed reader. This will help you avoid lots of manual effort to find and visit the blogs or sites to comment. Secondly, it will help you to know about the arrival of new item or post on the blogs you are tracking and have already left comments on the existing posts. So you can, in fact, use many interesting features of the feed reader for better planning and management and tracking of blogs and comments.

Use Tools to Auto Populate Personal Information

You can also use some tool to auto populate personal information for you in the comments section. I am not talking about auto-comments tool here which fills up the comments for you using some standard static and generic text. Rather these are the tools which auto populate only the personal information fields for you viz Name, Email, Website etc. You have to write your opinion yourself anyways. Now a days, there are many such small tools and plug-in or add-ons available with the browsers as well which you can  make user. Alternatively, many tool bars like Google Toolbar etc also comes with such features.

So, do think about the above points next time you are going to comment on other blogs. I am sure it will find this as much worthy as writing your own blog post and you will witness the same in the results it will bring afterwards.

Do share your opinion (of course, keeping the above points in mind first).

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