3 Interesting Websites to Send Future Dated Emails

by Yash Batra

Emails have become a great communication tool in this era and we just can not imagine life without emais. However, many times it do happen that we forget to send that important email in time for which we repent later on. Now, technology has made this possible to create and save your emails and schedule them to send in future. So that even if you don’t remember, e.g. wishing someone on his/her birthday. anniversaries etc, you don’t have to bother. Following are 3 email services that allow such future dated emails;


MailFreezr allows you to freeze your emails that can be send during next 1 to 100 years of period. So, now you can schedule the emails to be delivered to your children and grand children when you will be no more.


“Write a letter to your future self” as this site says, can be used to send emails to yourself in future. It could be some kind reminders or whatever you may like to say to yourself in future. To use this, you have to provide your own email id in the recipient email id field and write the subject and the content. You have the option to make yours this future email as public or private depending upon if you want to share it with others or not.

The scheduled delivery date should be at least 30 days in future. After completion, you will need to verify and a confirmation message will be sent to your email id which you must have provided above. Only after onfirmation and verification, your email will be scheduled.


This is yet another email service to send emails in future time. It could be the reminders or any other such thing which you may like to send in future.

The future time period could range from half an hour and up to 10 years. Again, it has the provision to make your emails as private or public. What’s more, you can schedule your emails to be sent to upto four email ids together.

However, my personal advice would be not to rely on the above services for much longer time periods as these sites claim like 10,20 years or so, because the existence of these sites till that time period is quite questionable.

If you have used the above services then please do share your experience.

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